Yearly Association Member Dues

Why should I support my neighborhood association? 

  • Develop a cleaner, safer, healthier neighborhood and improve the quality of life for residents.
  • Empower residents to have a voice and work toward, and achieve common neighborhood goals, a unified vision of who we are as a neighborhood.
  • Work toward a safer neighborhood by reducing and preventing crime through block watch groups and email alerts.
  • Promote friendship, reduce conflict, and foster a sense of concern and caring among people in the neighborhood.
  • Provide a means of communicating with neighbors.
  • Encourage the discussion of ideas which affect the neighborhood and promote cooperative action.
  • Organize neighborhood improvement projects, help the older residents with yard work, and assist those unable to clean up their property by themselves.
  • Promote and celebrate diversity in the neighborhood.
  • Preserve the unique historical heritage of the neighborhood by improving planning methods.
  • Create open communication networks with government officials, businesses, and other groups. Make them partners in your neighborhood, all working towards a strong neighborhood.
  • Protect youth, and support and strengthen neighborhood schools.
  • Develop better awareness and access to the services and agencies of the school, city, and county governments.
  • Seek citywide recognition (including realtors’) of the strengths, needs and accomplishments of the neighborhood.
  • Fully utilize all the resources available to the neighborhood.
  • Solve problems which exist/arise within the neighborhood.

How is my support utilized?

  • Neighborhood 4th of July Picnic
  • Memorials to neighbors who are no longer with us
  • Any immediate needs for families who suffer loss with family or home destruction
  • Work with the city cleaned park, planted new plants, and with Woodsman of the World
  • Put children’s playground equipment in the park from raised funds.
  • A quarterly newsletter in the mail
  • Update telephone directory every two years
  • Exclusive invitations to special events such as Progressive Dinner
  • Funds Home Tours
  • Luminaries to line streets during Christmas
  • Poinsettias given to elderly during Christmas
  • Purchased street banners
  • Hosting fee for website

*Yearly membership is January-December 

Those who support the neighborhood will receive an invitation to the annual Progressive Dinner.  If you are ready to renew or join, WE WELCOME YOU!


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