Neighborhood Guidelines

Anyone who owns property in the College Hill Historic District will need to abide by the Regulations created by the Maryville Historic District Zoning Commission.   This includes all those who live in a home or landlords who own a home or apartment. The Neighborhood Association is not affiliated with Zoning. Click here for regulations: Maryville Historic District Zoning Commission Regulations

You will need to submit and application to go before board.  Click here.

Street Captains

Street Captains are important to each street.  They are basically our hospitality team.  If you are interested in becoming a street captain please contact us!

  • Identify who lives in your designated area.  Who has moved in or out?
  • Visit new neighbors.  Take them a neighborhood directory and a form to fill out for membership. Also, collect some bio information to put in the newsletter
  • Take a gift basket to new neighbors, new babies, or for the sick.  There are neighborhood funds to cover the expenses.
  • Help or recruit help to set our luminaries on Christmas Eve and collect on Christmas Day.
  • Pass out flyers in your area that are not mailed to residents.

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