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City of Maryville Guidelines

Help keep our historic neighborhood beautiful by following these guidelines from the City of Maryville.  You may also visit for more information.

BULK COLLECTION: Please place bulk items out front at the curb no more than three days prior to pickup.  Crews collect waste once per month on July 15.

BRUSH COLLECTION: Brush and limbs must not be in the street or in a ditch, which could clog the storm drains and cause flooding.  Please pile brush separately from other bulk waste.

LEAF COLLECTION: Leaf collection begins October 26th.  Please place loose leaves in front yard (again, not in ditches, near storm drains, or in streets).  Leaf collection continues until early January.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Please contact Keep Blount Beautiful at 681-4809 about disposed of harzardous materials such as paints, household chemicals, computers, etc.

HOUSEHOLD COLLECTION: Please place all garbage in plastic bags before placing in your container.  This will prevent loose items from blowing back onto your property and the street during pick up.

OVERGROWN LOTS: Property owners are responsible for maintaining their vacant lots.  Lots with overgrown weeds, rubbish, brush, or grass are considered a public nuisance and certainly makes the neighborhood look bad.  Call Ted Williams at 273-3650 to make a report.

*Please feel free to contact the City of Maryville at 273-3302 with any questions about garbage collection.

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