Grocery Store

The Maryville Corner Market
formerly “Huff and McMurray” Grocery Store

800 Montvale Road (corner of Indiana Ave.)

  Allow me to introduce myself; I am Virginia, niece of Lena and Lyle Huff.  My parent’s home was 304 Wilson Avenue, Maryville, Tennessee.

 My Grandparents Huff lived in the house, land at the end of Indiana, before the Store.  The original Huff House, large two-story home burned in the 1940’s.  My Grandfather did not replace the original structure.

My grandparents had three acres with the house.

This brings me to the store land.  I am clueless who owned that property where the store was.  I smile as the store was in the residential corner of Indiana and Montvale.  Today that would be a zoning battle.

My memories are of a little girl who would go down from Grandmothers for fun and candy, etc.  My Aunt Lena saw I had what I wanted.  I spent hours with her going to Knoxville … getting supplies for the store.  I was her companion and my Aunt did have a way of spoiling me.

The Store meat was good, food was good, and prices were honest.  It was the corner store where it was safe for the children in our neighborhood to frequent.  Indeed it was a most special corner store. The owners, most special in my life.

My Aunt was a businesswoman ahead of her times… My Uncle, as I remember, had a passion for the Corner Grocery.

Written by Virginia Marshall Ramsey – Marietta, Georgia

Now home to…

The Maryville Corner Market

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