The purpose of our neighborhood fundraisers is to put money back into neighborhood projects, events, celebrations, and more.  We want our neighborhood to be a place residents are proud to live in.

Our first annual Community Yard Sale was a gigantic success thanks to all of our neighbors that donated items, worked it, and brought items. We had a great time and added $1,140.16 to our treasury.  Hopefully we can do it again next spring!


This year’s project is to create a Celebration Wall on the base of the existing concrete bridge wall that was left from the overpass of the railroad.   Orders are being taken for bricks that will be placed along the top of the wall.  Contributors will have an opportunity to pay tribute to a family member, a home, or a business in the historic district.  Many homes and families are purchasing bricks that acknowledge a relative who once lived in the neighborhood or city.  Family members, children and grandchildren can enjoy visiting this site and seeing their name on the Celebration Wall.  The cost of the bricks are $50 with proceeds going to future projects in the neighborhood.  Click Brick Wall Application for an order form.

The bricks will be placed on top of the wall.